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AI-Powered Business Generation Platform


Apollo Labs is a platform identifying, testing and implementing new e-commerce opportunities, by leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies. We analyse social media trends, changes in product supply and demand patters, as well as global arbitrage opportunities, to launch pre-validated e-commerce businesses. We are a self-funded start-up with a six figure USD monthly revenue. We don’t need additional funding at the moment but you can reach out to us at hello@apollolabs.co.uk.


Most of today’s e-commerce businesses operate in a reactive way. Founders come up with a business or a product idea, deploy it and validate at the same time, often – conveniently – using somebody else’s money. Thus, it comes as a no surprise that most online businesses fail. However, there is a better, smarter way, to systematically analyse and implement new business ideas using a data-driven approach.

Apollo Labs is the world’s first business idea generation and implementation platform of this kind.


The amount of data points left by users on social media and e-commerce platforms is gigantic. Apollo Labs aggregates sales information from the biggest shopping platforms and – by using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing technologies – it analyses social trends, changes in product supply and demand patterns, as well as global arbitrage opportunities, to launch pre-validated e-commerce businesses.


1. Product Idea Generation

By aggregating data from a number of social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, we track changes in consumer trends, allowing us to identify new location-specific product opportunities. Similarly, continuous monitoring of e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, allows us to find significant pricing arbitrage opportunities.

2. Idea Validation

Our algorithms prepare detailed profiles of the proposed product markets, including competitor strength and distribution analysis, in order to assess the market entry risk and the minimal investment required in order for the product to be successful.

3. Product Optimisation

Having established the potential of a new e-commerce business and its likelihood of success, we seek to optimise its expected cost structure, by analysing the available global suppliers, transport methods and fulfilment partners. Not only does it increase the profitability of the newly launched businesses, but also minimises potential issues resulting from unexpected costs.

4. Market Entry and Marketing Strategy

Our algorithms help select the most optimal marketing and product launch strategy, appropriate for the specific type of the product and the market chosen, in the light of the data collected. Depending on the character of the opportunity (e.g. time-sensitive arbitrage vs long-term brand building) this might be a mixture of online advertising, brand awareness campaigns, affiliate programmes, influencer partnerships and others.

5. Product Launch

Having identified and validated the e-commerce opportunity, as well as established the most appropriate business launch methodology, the platform advises on the detailed steps required to turn the proposed e-commerce business idea into reality.


  • Q1 2019

    Prototype Creation

    Integrate with leading social and e-commerce platforms of choice and implement systematic approach to ideas generation.

  • Q2 2019

    First Monetisation

    Launch first brands and products following data insights produced by the algorithm - surpass 100,000 USD in monthly sales.

  • Q3 2019

    Costs and Risk Optimisation

    Expand operations monitoring and risk management functionalities to minimise inherent e-commerce business costs and optimise global sourcing and fulfilment, in preparation for the future scale-up.

  • Q4 2019

    Automation and Scale-Up

    Improve the algorithms based on the sales and profitability performance, generalising the methodology into more autonomic processes. Scale generated businesses into 500,000 USD monthly sales.

  • Q1 2020

    Early Release

    Early stage data access through paid API and initial release for the first 1,000 clients (sign-up by invite only).



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